Reflective Paradise by James Coleman (wrapped canvas collectible)

Reflective Paradise by James Coleman (wrapped canvas collectible)

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Within the four walls of our modern life, it is very normal to get tired of the daily hustle. In a bustling city full of skyscrapers and industrial noises, what is your definition of paradise? At James Coleman studios, we illustrate the choices of our customers by bringing them to life inside our canvases. And so to reflect your version of paradise through our designer hands, we bring you this Reflective Paradise by James Coleman canvas that illustrates a vivid image of what paradise would feel like once you close your eyes and think about it.


If a small house surrounded by the ethereal greenery and the cascade of bliss is your imagination of true peace then, we bring you this canvas for your living room or bedroom wall. So even when you feel suffocated with your daily urban life, once you look at it, this canvas can bring peace to your heart.


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  • TITLE: Reflective Paradise
  • ARTIST: James Coleman
  • MEDIUM: Gallery Wrapped Giclee on Canvas
  • SERIES: James Coleman Collectibles
  • FRAMED: no
  • MATTED: no
  • EDITION: open
  • DELIVERY TIME: 7-10 days



Artwork comes individually boxed and ready to hang.