Shipwrecked by Rodel Gonzalez  (framed LE canvas giclee)
Shipwrecked by Rodel Gonzalez  (framed LE canvas giclee)

Shipwrecked by Rodel Gonzalez (framed LE canvas giclee)

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Remember the amazing love triangle of Orsino, Olivia and Viola from the famous play of Shakespeare that began with the idea of a shipwreck? Although written in the 16th century, this beautiful romcom represents modern-day love triangles which often ends with at least one side getting heartbroken. Shakespeare showed us how greater stories can lead from a shipwreck. The way when all hopes seem to be lost, love guides your way and you may realize that this is where your life actually begins.

Rodel Gonzalez has done an excellent job at representing the theory of life in this artwork, where although shipwrecked the moon still shines above. When all hope seems lost you still will have that warm light of affection that you just need to figure out.

This Shipwrecked canvas by Rodel Gonzalez can be your constant reminder to never giving up, or the moonlight covered shipwreck might be the serene view you want for your living room wall. You may also decide to gift this to your family or friends as a way of telling them to hold on and that you are there for them.

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  • TITLE: Shipwrecked
  • ARTIST: Rodel Gonzalez
  • MEDIUM: Framed Limited Edition Giclee On Canvas
  • SERIES: Rodel Gonzalez Collectibles
  • FRAMED: yes
  • EDITION: 50
  • DELIVERY TIME: 7-10 days



This canvas giclee comes numbered and framed so you can hang it on the wall right out of the box.