Lifting the X-Wing by Rob Kaz  (wrapped canvas collectible)

Lifting the X-Wing by Rob Kaz (wrapped canvas collectible)

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When Darth Vader said that the force was strong with this one, did he really think about Yoda lifting the X Wing with the power of force? Star Wars is surely full of surprises and suspense that the millions of fan all around the world love to see uplifting throughout the series. And if you are a fan of Star Wars and love the epic scene of Yoda lifting the X wing and have this moment stuck at the back of your head, then James Coleman Studios have you covered.


As we always work on bringing your favourite images to life, this Lifting the X-Wing by Rob Kaz canvas is something you would definitely want in the walls of your house. The artwork of this nerve-wracking moment is designed by us and we look forward to your utmost satisfaction with the quality of our product and its delivery. Order this canvas now while it's available and when you stick this to the wall of your bedroom all we have to say is "May the force be with you! "


We are the manufacturer and the seller of our premium artwork, so we can guarantee your satisfaction in quality and with the delivery of every order you make.




  • TITLE: Lifting the X-Wing
  • ARTIST: Rob Kaz
  • MEDIUM: Gallery Wrapped Giclee on Canvas
  • SERIES: Rob Kaz Collectibles
  • FRAMED: no
  • MATTED: no
  • EDITION: open
  • DELIVERY TIME: 7-10 days



Official Licensed by Lucas Ltd and Acme Archives. Artwork comes individually boxed and ready to hang