Fine Feathered Friend by Rob Kaz  (matted print)

Fine Feathered Friend by Rob Kaz (matted print)

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One of the greatest gifts that life can bless us with, is the gift of friendship. Even if its just one person and no matter how much difference you have with that person, he/she will be the first one to cross your mind at all of your good and bad times. Hence there is a famous Irish saying that goes like - “A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.”

We all are familiar with the story of the friendship between the bird and the frog. Rob Kaz has beautifully brought that story to life with the pictorial representation of the true meaning of friendship. Setting our differences apart, we grow close to our friends and James Coleman Studios have brought this Fine Feathered Friend by Rob Kaz canvas for you as a form of respect to you and your friendship. Having a matted print this canvas will increase the beauty of the wall in your house that you hang it in. Or you can also choose to gift this to your best friend and remind him/her of the awesome friendship that you have and how much glad you are to have them in your life.

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  • TITLE: Fine Feathered Friend
  • ARTIST: Rob Kaz
  • MEDIUM: Matted Fine-Art Print
  • SERIES: Rob Kaz Collectibles
  • FRAMED: no
  • MATTED: yes
  • EDITION: open
  • DELIVERY TIME: 7-10 days


Artwork comes individually bagged and ready to pop into a frame.