Price Increase: Rob Kaz

Gang Is All Here painting by Rob Kaz


If you've been hem-hawing about nabbing your favorite painting by artist Rob Kaz, now might be the time to seize the day, or the artwork in this case. Beginning on March 15, 2019, original paintings by Rob Kaz will see a price increase across all galleries.


Since taking the leap from studio artist to professional fine art oil painter in 2010, Rob's work has reached countless hearts and homes. New fans of Beau the frog are born every single day as Rob's Friends Along The Way series touches the souls of both young and young-at-heart.


In addition to his fine art collection, Rob's take on painting Star Wars has found a vast following, even catching the eye of Star Wars creator George Lucas himself. So far, Lucas has purchased 4 of Rob's original Star Wars paintings for his personal collection.


Disney lovers have equally found themselves kindred with Rob's collection of Disney paintings. Paying tribute to the original artists who animated the films, his Disney artwork has attracted a devoted fandom who appreciate his passion for the films that shaped our youth.


With a flourishing call for originals, a growing wait-list for commissions and an aggressive show schedule for 2019, the opportunity for supply becomes challenging and thus a price increase will be implemented in an effort to balance the demand.


Ranging from 15% to 30%, depending on the artwork dimensions, the increase will roll out to all galleries beginning on March 15.


So, if you've been eyeing up that Rob Kaz painting ... carpe diem!



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